Asbestos Training

In line with the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, training is a legal requirement where work carried out is likely to encounter a hazard or risk.

Asbestos awareness should form part of this training and is especially important for maintenance workers such as plumbers, electricians and builders and others likely to come into contact with asbestos in the process of their work.

Our Asbestos awareness training is for candidates requiring a basic, general awareness of the dangers associated with asbestos and measures be taken to protective their safety. Training would give such candidates a safe working knowledge of the appropriate actions to take upon encountering asbestos.

The training module involves the study of nine core theory components with additional specialist course components available depending upon your company needs.

Training for the basic course components is ½ day and may take up to 1 full day, depending upon any additional specialist course components selected and the number of course delegates attending. 

cba asbestos Ltd provides training under the guidance of A.C.A.D. Courses are run at Litton House where delegates from different businesses, or groups of delegates from individual businesses, can attend. Training can also be provided at your business address or a location of your choice, provided that the training and welfare facilities are adequate.

Experience Required: None

The basic components provide information that is applicable to all personnel requiring asbestos awareness.

The specialist components are specific to trade and work situations. cba asbestos Ltd do not yet have the facilities to hold all of the additional specialist course components but will arrange entry onto ACAD run courses. Please contact us for details

Course Components:

• What is Asbestos?
• Occurrences & Uses of Asbestos
• Health & Medical Surveillance
• Legislation
• Personal Protective Equipment
• Health Hazards & Emergencies
• Personal Hygiene
• Asbestos Waste
• Instruction & Training